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The block is standard bore and is in good condition. The VIN on the back of the block is 0?125366. The crank is standard on both the mains and rods. The rods are the original CJ rods and the pistons are original. I also have the oil pan with baffle, dipstick with chrome handle, harmonic balancer and crank pulley. I have posted a link to additional pictures below.

Casting Numbers / Date Codes are as follows:

Block – D0VE-A / 9L21 (November 21, 1969)
Rods – D0OE-A / No Date Codes
Pistons – D0OE-6100-H / No Date Codes
Oil Dipstick – D0OE-6750-B / No Date Code
Harmonic Balancer – D0OE-6316-B1 / A0 (January 1970)
Crank Pulley – D0OE-63212-D

I am asking $3,000 or best offer for this engine.

I also have a four speed bell housing with a date code of 10 27 69 (October 27, 1969) available to the buyer of this engine.

http://s89.photobucket.com/albums/k214/trossol/Parts for Sale/429CJ/
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