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1970 F250 Camper Special
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hi all,

just found this site and joined today, I bought a 1970 F250 Camper Special 3/4ton and have been slowly working on repairs/upgrades. Last week I noticed that there was oil in the spark plug well front of engine - drivers side. Just ordered the gasket set from Summit: Fel-Pro 1643 - Fel-Pro Performance CorkLam Valve Cover Gaskets 0.313" thickness.

after replacing the gaskets, intent is to reset the timing also. The truck had been running on after shutdown and pinging abit. I'm still learning this engine....

while I'm reading through the forums on timing and distributor adjustments...are there any folks that could send an opinion and/or fact sheet for the timing and distrubutor settings for a 460?

Brian in Galveston
*will add some pics after dinner...gotta run

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Dieseling or running on is NOT a timing related issue but rather and idle speed, engine temp and or static C/R issue vs. fuel octane.

What year is the engine?
Casting number on cylinder heads below valve cover rail between cylinders 3 / 4?
Block casting number behind starter?

used 2b RHP

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