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1971 Lincoln with 460 complete car minus radiator

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1971 lincoln continental Mark III has original 460 engine, C6 Trans, 9 inch rearend. Says its factory 365 horsepower. Car weights 5000 pounds?
could fix it up or pull the drive train and junk the body for some money back.
Looking to get a smooth 1800.00 for the complete car minus radiator.
Heres my address

570 Panhandle circle
Maysville Ga 30558

heres my phone and email
[email protected]

call, leave a message, ask for Ron

Car has set since 2008 has a nice tarp covering it that comes with vehicle,
someone could put this engine at 500 hp in no time, believe the heads are Dove and the block also.. Best deal on an engine,trans,rearend and complete car. The guy who owned it before I bought it, died and always just putted around in town in the car, I wouldnt doubt the mileage to be original..
any interest, give me a call, Im willing to only do a partial cash/trade deal of 1500 and a rifle or pistol. If you would like to negotiate on a partial trade, it must be money/pistol or rifle, that is one of the things I need to scare the deer from eating my vegetables.

I think everything is correctly displayed, you can go to mapquest to see a drive distance to my home, you can rent a towdolly at a uhaul dealer or bring your own, you can just take the drive train ount and leave the body and I will knock the price down to 1700.00 or partial trade of cash/rifle or gun at
1400 and rifle or gun.

Not going to drop any further on leaving the body as it cost to just haul it to the junk yard and with no drivetrain, it'd just be a nuisance sitting in the yard.
Get this one while you can, good deal.

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