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Mike lives in Mich and the economy is really killing these days.
I would not hesitate to buy any one of his cars. The guy is meticulous, honest and never sells junk. If I had no toys now I'd absolutely buy this:

PM me for contact info

mcford said:
1973 Ranchero GT with a big block. Its a solid Georgia truck thats a good runner and driver. Its equippped with power disc brakes, power steering, standard dash cluster (no tach), delay wipers, Sony AM/FM Cassette deck with Phase Linear door speakers in factory location, C6 automatic transmission, 9" rear with 3.00 gears. Original engine was a 400 but it now has a 1977 460.

I bought this Ranchero with a bad 400 in it, it rattled something fierce. It turned out it had broken cylinder 5 intake valve spring, dropped the valve and broke the head off the valve, putting a nice sized hole in the piston. I looked around for either a good 400 or a big block to put in it. I found a good running, low mileage (77,XXX miles) 460 in a 1977 Lincoln Town Car. I did the swap among many other things to make this cool classic "right".

Engine - 1977 460 which was taken down to the long block, cleaned and re-gasketed. New gaskets include Fel-Pro high performance intake set (blocks off heated crossover), Fel-Pro valve cover, timing cover, water pump, thermostat, fuel pump, oil pan and exhaust manifiold gaskets. New items on motor include a Melling MTF-3 performance cam and lifter kit, Cloyes stock timing chain and gears (pre-1972), water pump, 180 degree thermostat, fuel pump, timing cover, pre-bent fuel line and brass freeze plugs. New oil pressure and water temperature sending units. All pulleys, brackets and exhaust manifolds were sand blasted and painted. Exhaust manifolds have new studs and are bolted to the heads with new stainless steel bolts and lock washers. Intake manifold is from a 1970 N code, which means it does not have an egr provision and accepts a standard Holley carburetor. Engine has a freshly rebuilt 600cfm Holley carb on it, no choke and a new 1/2" carb spacer. Engine runs excellent, plenty of power, makes no noises and runs cool. Motor mounts are correct factory Ford big block. I purchased a VERY nice set off E-bay for this, block plates, motor mount heat shields and motor mounts. New Motorcraft plugs. Cap, rotor, wires and point/condenser were new by previous owner. Motor is filled with Rotella 15w40 oil and a bottle of Comp Cams engine oil supplement, K&N premium oil filter. I did not replace the rear main seal and it does leak a little. It will leave about a 2-3" spot being driven. Get a puff of smoke every now and then but no blowby when you pull the breather cap. Diagnosis is valve stem seals and possibly some worn guides.

Transmission - C6 transmission that works great and does not leak. Previous owner had the transmission rebuilt before the original engine died.

Suspension - NEW inner and outer tie rods AND adjusting sleeves, NEW pitman arm and NEW lower ball joints. Fresh wheel alignment on 5/6/08.

Exhaust - Recent 2 1/4" duals with flowmaster mufflers, tailpipes exit just behind the rear wheels. Sounds awsome!

Rearend - Stock Ford 9" with the original 3.00 gears. No strange noises, works as it should. New pinion seal.

Paint/Exterior - One repaint in original color with custom painted GT stripes in Chameleon type paint. VERY COOL! I am guessing the paint is a couple of years old but it still looks good. It does have some minor chips here and there and I do have pictures of them all. If it isnt a trailer queen, its gonna get chips! There are also a few very small rust bubbles, two on the tail gate and a few very, very small ones on the drivers door. Sport mirrors are in good shape, drivers side is inside remote and passenger side is outside manual. All glass is good.

Interior - Interior originally had a bench seat. Somewhere in the past, it got buckets out of a 74-76 Cougar/Torino. Upholstery is in good shape (no tears) but they were blue seats that had been dyed black. Carpet had been replaced with a lighter colored carpet but would look much better with new carpet in a dark brown. The kick panels, dash pad and door panels, including the inserts, speaker grilles and armrests have all been re-dyed. All dash lights work. Headliner is split at the front seam, it was a small split but then my 2 1/2 year old stuck his hand in there and well.... Windows go up and down like they should, new window cranks, doors shut nice. New glove box liner.

Heating/Cooling - The existing 3 row radiator was in good shape so I reused that, correct big block Torino/Ranchero fan shroud, all NEW radiator hoses, heater hoses, heater core and heater control valve. Ford clutch fan with NEW fan clutch. All heater hose clamps are correct tower style and radiator hose clamps are all wire type. No cheesy worm drive clamps here. This originally had air conditioning but most pieces were already missing when I bought it. I do have the a/c condenser and it goes with the truck along with an extra evaporator core housing with evap core in it.

Wheels/Tires - 14x7 Cragar S/S wheels with 225/70R14 Kelly Charger tires. Tires are ok, good for about a summers worth of cruising. Wheels are in nice shape.

Underbody- Underbody is clean and solid. there are a couple pin holes on both sides, in the area behind the seat. The is also one pinky finger sized hole on each side in the same spot. I have pictures of all of this. Everything else is in EXCELLENT shape. Doors, tailgate, bed. The bed is really nice. Bed had a truck bed coating applied to it some time in its past but the bed floor was all scuffed up. The sides and behind the cab still looked like new. I applied a fresh coat of Duplicolor truck bed coating so it looks nice and fresh.

Miscellaneous - New PCV valve, air filter, breather grommet and oil filler cap seal. New power steering pressure and return hoses, Optima red top battery - used, new battery tray and correct hold down bolts, new windshield washer pump.
Outer shell of heater case was gone - replaced that, blower motor housing and blower motor were missing - replaced that, generic aftermarket replacement antenna - replaced with original Ford unit, new wire harness for sony cassette deck and new speakers - now has working tunes. used door lock knobs, used speedo cable, used dash cluster, used headlight switch (dash lights didnt work with original), used drip rail molding on passenger side "A" pillar, disassembled and installed new felt in housing for drivers side vent "ball"- doesnt flop around anymore, dash cluster - temp gauge was bad in the original, used wiper switch - now has delay wipers, used neutral safety switch. Passenger side front sidemarker lens. I'm sure theres more but thats the vast majority of it. Included in the sale, I have correct colored bucket seats out of a 1977 Thunderbird. Same style seat, correct color. The passenger side is good, the drivers seat bottom upholstery needs fixed and one spring fixed. I took the material off the back seat back rest of the Thunderbird for matching material. An upholstery shop could probably just fix the seat cover on the seat bottom and transfer it to the drivers side seat bottom of the seat thats already in the car. I also have good visors, out of the same Thunderbird the seats were out of. I have receipts for darn near everything. And while I bought it with a bad motor, I still paid good money for this truck. This is one Ranchero that is "right".

I fixed ALOT of things that didnt work, added ALOT of parts that were missing and/or damaged. ALL lights work, heck everything functions like it should now with exception of the a/c. Mileage you can expect from this, should you care. About 14mpg. You would get the same with a 351c or a 400. With a 302 you'd only gain about 2 - 3 mpg over the other engine choices. I know, I've owned them with just about all engine options.

Ranchero runs out and drives very good, brakes work good. Heck, everything on the car works now! All lights work.
For more pics go to http://s24.photobucket.com/albums/c19/mcford/73 Ranchero GT/

ASKING $4,400.00 OR BEST OFFER - Located near Lansing, MI. 517-402-6873

Thats right, $4,400 OR BEST OFER!

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