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I am going to offer my Cougar for sale in hopes that someone will want to Restore her. She has been sitting for a little over 20 years. She used to run great and would outrun a Fox Body mid 80s/90s GT Mustang easily, even at weighing about 4,700 pounds. This car has so many Special Order Options it is amazing. It was a Special Ordered Car with Trailer Towing Option.

I did pull the gas tank about 6 or 7 years ago and flush it out along with flushing the fuel lines and going through the carb. I also added a little Marvel Mystery Oil down the Spark Plug Holes a month or so Prior just in case the rings might have gotten some rust on them.

When I added fresh gas and a fresh battery and spun the engine a couple of short bursts to bring the oil up then reinstalled the Coil Wire she fired right up and ran great. The Fast Idle on the Choke came on and she didn't squeal, rattle, click or tick. She just ran great. I had gone through the engine a year or so before parking her.

I just never got back to finishing her. I had pulled all the wheels and was going to replace all the Brake Drums and Rotors and other Brake Parts and just never got back to working on her. Marriages and divorces and work. Not much time back then for extra hobbies.

She has rust along the bottom of the pass door and in the corners of the drivers door and in the quarter panel driver side. Pass side quarter looks pretty good.

The Vinyl Top rotted off years ago but the top is in pretty good condition still. There is rust through around the Pass side port hole window and some in the drip rail in the trunk.

The parts can be cut out and repaired with new metal or you can get doors and other parts from a Gran Torion Elite, or a Montego. Those are supposed to be the same basic parts.

This car has of course, power steering, power brakes, A/C, power windows, power door locks, black leather interior with Power Bucket Seats and Console. It has Delayed wipers, AM/FM/8 Track Factory, it has a Factory Tach, and a Factory Gauge Package. It also has Electric Rear Window Defrost.
For the Drive Train it has a 31 Spline Traction Lock with 3:25 Gears.
It has a C-6 Tranny with the 460 4bbl carb. It has Electronic Ignition from Ford which came standard in 75 but this car is a 74.

It was originally a kind of Medium Metallic Blue but the owner before me had it painted Sky Blue or Carolina Blue..

I really believe this could be One of Only One Cougar built will these exact Options. I should do a Marti Report but don't want to keep spending money on it when I really want to sell it.

I don't want to part it out and crush it as it is really a nice ride. Or it could be again.

I am hoping that someone will want to restore this car and maybe even use her to pull your drag car to the track or pull a boat or camper to your favorite spot away from home. She has a Full Frame under her. Not a unibody.
She also has Factory Bumperettes front and rear.

I will offer my Cougar for less than what I can part her out for and hope someone will want to rebuild her.

Price is, $2,000.00. I am just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. You can email me or call me at, 704-516-8033. I have a lot of pictures of her and can email them if you send me an email address. Just remember to check you Spam Folder as sometimes emails with pictures get sent to the Spam Folders.
I will try to paste in a picture here but don't know if I can. Thanks, Mike.


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