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Hey guys, I have a 1977 460 mated to a GM sm465 up for sale. I have been around the forum and from what I see it seems some people race the 460 rather then use it to offroad. However, this is a pretty good offroad setup.

Some info about the setup:

-The engine was running and all gears worked when pulled almost a year ago.
-Pulled out of a 1979 F-250, originally in a 1977 Lincoln from what I can tell.
-Output shaft of the sm465 is a 32 spline for a 4wd, has surface rust from sitting.
-The carburetor I found it with was replaced with another motocraft carb that was cleaner and better mechanically.
-The odometer on the read 77,000 when it was pulled, I can't vouch for the true engine mileage.
-The truck was in my cousin's family for about 20 years before I received it and got it running again. The last 8 or so years the truck was on and off running. The last four or so it never ran. While it was actually running, it was used as a farm truck. It hardly saw the street but was registered.

Any questions I will do my best to answer them. I will email pictures upon request. The best way to reach me is email ([email protected]), I will get back to you within a day. I will also check this thread periodically.

I'm located in Suffolk County, NY. (Long Island)

I would like to get $400 for it, but make me an offer. I would rather not deal with shipping it. If the price is right we maybe able to work something out.
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