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This is a part of an uncompleted project. As you guys all know 460's take up alot of garage space. 1978 460, lunati cam, new waterpump painted block, new brass frezze plugs. Basically a complete engine. What I have:
long block, alt bracket, balancer, manifold, blocking plate, flex plate, crank pulley, (AC don't know if it works) Weiend Stealth intake, no carb

$1,400 plus shipping.

Separate sale

Also for 460 all new items:

Edelbrock 1411 $190
High torque starter $100
Chrome Alt (summit) $100
Mallory Dist $200
Urethane motor mounts
for Ranchero/LTD $100
E-mail me for engine pictures if this did not work and I will send them back, all prices are without shipping included.

Call 262-497-9484

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Ford Motors 699.jpg
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