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A couple of years ago I had a post on here about a leak on my 1978 Lincoln 460 where it's pushing oil out after 15/20 minutes of driving. Driving less than that it will not leak a drop.
Also had oil around the oil sending unit.
I've in a meantime changed the valve cover gaskets, oil sending unit resealed, intake manifold gaskets replaced.
Oil around the sending unit is now gone and stays dry. Can't find any leaks on the top half and the front of the engine.
After 20 minutes of driving, it still pushes oil out somewhere on the backside of the engine.
Now pulled the oil pan and gaskets don't look bad.
Also pulled the rear main bearing and the main seal looks like I put it in yesterday, the part number is still readable.
At the rate it is pushing the oil out it should be way more obvious. Is there anything else that could be leaking back there?
Heard at one point that oil might come through holes where the transmission bolts up to the back of the block but doesn't seem like it either.
Kind of on a dead end on what else it could be.
Does anybody have any more suggestions on what I'm still possibly missing?


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Check the top transmission bolts, in particular the drivers side (if I remember correctly) as it goes through into the valley of the engine. pull the bolt, clean it well and dab some RTV on the threads and put it back in. Common leak area.
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