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I've been lurking for a few years and finally signed up to ask a question.
I re-ringed a stock 1979 460 for my truck before deciding to go to a stroker. I have a dozen or so donor 460's so now I'm trying to find a use for the fresh stock short block. I have a 1995 F250 with a very tired 460, can I put the 95 EFI heads and intake onto the 1979 short block? It has a summit 3500 cam, will that work with the factory EFI or should I use a stock 95 camshaft? It is just for a fuel/service truck on the farm so I don't need more power and won't be towing.
edit: Did some searching and it looks like it will work. Just didn't want it to sit in the corner of my shop for a decade.

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