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$7000. Dallas TX (75248) [email protected]

One owner truck, Bought the truck new in 1986. A five year project started in 2000 with all new parts. Trunk was "finished" in 2005 and has been garage kept the entire time (since 2000). Moved to Dallas in 2005 and we are a "Smog" city. They a strict on Emission testing and will not be exempt until 2011 (25 years old), so I have not been able drive it much. Has less than 500 miles on it.I have kept the oil changed and do warm it up and take it for a quick buzz around the block every few months, very street-able.

Have almost all the receipts, compete pictures throughout the build, and Blueprint data on the engine. Also have pictures of the build and parts list available, i can email them in a ZIP file to you.

Body has NO rust and has never been wrecked. Body was taken to bare metal, acid etched, epoxy sealed (DP_90), Truck is completed other than interior. Interior is still original stock. Had planed to do a "race car" type interior,

F150 - 466 Big Block Ford 11.75:1 CR
2 x 725 CFM Demons on a Blue Thunder intake, FORD Motorsport A429 Aluminum CJ Heads w/ Manley 2.25" & 1.76" valves, Comp 10 degree locks and retainers.
Eagle 3D H beam Rods, JE SRP Pistons ARP Studs, ATI Super Damper. Machine work all Done at FORD Performance (Orlando, FL.)
Back-halved Art Morison Ladder Bar w/ QA-1 Coil-over. Ford 9" "N" case with 4.56 Richmond gears, Detroit Locker, Daytona pinion support, and Moser Axles
DJM "Dream Beam" front suspension
33x19.5 MT Sportsman on WELD Alumistar 15"x15"
MSD Pro-billet dist, 6AL, Blaster HVC, and wires
All lines done is Braided Stainless with AN fittings. Gauges are Autometer Pro-Series liquid filed.
"Built" C6 transmission , TCI Street fighter Converter
Hooker Super Comp headers, 3" exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers (very quiet)


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Good luck selling it that's a very nice Truck and if i were you i wouldn't take a penny less than $7,000.00.I would keep it before selling it for less than $7,000 IMO,Later Mark.

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Where is Mr. Dan at hear is him the perfect pulling truck for Twetty:D

Here's a bump for ya

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Thanks to all. It realy is that nice in real life. $7K is a real deal, about $17K in parts alone.


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Too bad you didn't live closer or I would be all over that.
Nice looking ride !

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Little more on the Motor

Here is a run down out of the Engine parts list:

Barry Grant 6402020VM 725 CFM vacuum Carbs
Blue Thunder AIM-8 429/460 dual quad 2X4 high rise aluminum intake
Eagle CRS6605F3D 429/460 ESP 3D H-beam connecing rods 6.605" 2.652" X 1.041" 845g
ARP 155-5402 385 series 2-bolt Main Stud kit
SRP 150723 Forged racing piston set 4.390" Flat Top
Moroso 20625 Stage 1 drag racing oil pan 429-460 Mustang
Moroso 24508 Oil pump Pickup
Melling M84DHV High Volume Oil pump
ARP 154-7903 Chrome Moly Oil pump drive shaft
FORD M-6049-A429 429/460 Aluminum Cobra Jet Heads
Manley 11874-8 2.250" HD 11/32" Race Master intake valves
Manley 11875-8 1.760" HD 11/32" Race Master intake valves
Manley 42122-16 Valve Spring cup
Manley 42180-8 Guide plates
Manley 42103-16 Rocker Studs 7/16" BB Ford & Chevy
Comp Cams 930-16 HI-TECH 1.509 DIA. DUAL Valve springs
Comp Cams 741-16 Valve Spring Retainers
Comp Cams 611-16 / 614-16 11/32'' 10DEG SUPER LOCKS
FORD M-6250-C460 Ford Racing Hydraulic CAM 244 / 254 @ .050" .595" / .621"
Comp Cams 832-16 HI-TECH BB FORD Hydraulic Lifters
CROWER 73615 351C/400/429/460 Stainless Steel roller rockers 1.73 7/16
ARP 155-4003 429/460 Head Studs
Fed Mogul 381018 429/460 Freeze Plug set
FORD M-8501-C460 Aluminum Water Pump
MSD 8577 MSD Pro Billet Small cap Distrubutor
Comp Cams 3122 HI-TECH Full Roller Timing chain
ATI 917620 Super Damper
Dura-Bond F-30 Cam bearings
Clevite CB-818 P Rod Bearings
Clevite MS-1039 P Main Bearings
JE J100f8-4390-5 Pro-Seal Rings 4.390" +.005" - Moly 1/16x1/16x3/16
FELPRO Gasket Set - Timing cover, Rear Main, Oil Pan, and sealer
MSD 3118-9 Spark Plug Wire Set
Moroso 68145 Valve Covers (Tall, Blue)
FELPRO 1231 Intake Gaskets SCJ/CJ
FELPRO 1420 Exhaust Gaskets SCJ/CJ
ARP 400-2401 2 Sets of 5/16" SS carb stud kit
ARP 400-7602 SS valve cover studs
ARP 254-1901 Oil Pan Stud Kit
Comp Cams 503-16 Teflon Valve Seam Seals 11/32"
FELPRO 1018 Head Gasket set
Comp Cams 4740-16 Valve Shims .015"
MSD 6AL, & Blaster HVC

Degrease. Bake and Shot peen block
Bore .030" & Hone with Torque Plates
Install Cam Bearings
Deck block to 10.300"
Line hone mains.
Balance rotating assembly
Polish crank and chamfer oil holes
5 angle valve Job
Deck heads (clean up cut)
Port-match intake
Bowl & short side raduis cleanup

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That is a sweet a$$ ride. Brad you need this....

Haha Needing and wanting is WAY different than being able to afford...I'd love to have it and would trade my car in a heartbeat to.

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Parts list for Chassis

PTW P3600AHP Master Pro C-6 Rebuild kit
TCI 890-441300 C6 Street Fighter Torque Converter
FARBANKS #KO16 C6-R R-code servo
TRANSGO #671&2 Competition Shift Re-programing Kit
LOKAR KD-20C6HT C6 Kick-Down Cable
SONNAX C6 "E ratio: band apply lever
LOKAR SRK-4000 Throttle Cable Bracket
B&M #70266 Race Trans Super Cooler
AN-6 to 1/8 NPT (2)
AN-6 to 3/8 NPT (2)
AN-6 Hose End Straight (2)
AN-6 Hose End 45 degree (2)
1/2 NPT to 3/8 NPT Reducer (2)
AN-6 Hose (15 feet)
DEI #011403 3/4" heat sheath

LMC # 40-0196 Bumper Bolt Kit
LMC #40-0465 Door Latch Screws
LMC #49-6786 & 49-6787 Headlight Bezels Left & Right
LMC #49-7152 Window Raceway / Anti-rattle kit
LMC #49-6620 & 49-6621 Left and Right Mirror set
FORD Grill Emblem
MAR-K # 120358 Polished Stainless Bed Strips
MAR-K # 120443 Polished Stainless Bolt Kit

MICKEY THOMPSON MT-1564 33X19.5 Sportsman Tires
WELD #515558 15X15 AlumaStar Wheels
WELD #1456 1/2" open WHEEL Lugs
HOLESHOT Custom 15X6 5 star front wheels and Lugs

RATECH #306-TK1 9" Ring and Pinion Installation Kit
RICHMOND 836-69-0185-1 4.56 9” FORD ring and pinion
DETROIT LOCKER 31 spline 9-inch differential
FORD "N" Nodular Iron Differential case
FORD Datona Pinion Support
LM603049 Carrier Bearings
LM603011 Carrier Races
FORD D5AZ-4670-A Oil Slinger
HM89410 and HM89443 Pinion Race and Bearing
FORD 9" Axle Housing
MOSER Custom 31 Spline Axles, Studs, Retaining Plates and Bearings

DJM #DB30033 3" Lowering Dream Beams
MOOG K8195T Ball-Joint Kit
MOOG K8412T Ball-Joint Kit
FORD I-Beam Bolt and Nut

ATTERBURY Rear Panard Bar Kit
MORRISON 10102232 32" adjustable lader Bars w/ Polly Ends
QA1 #ANL-5855P-1 Coil Over Shocks
OA1 200# 12" Coil Springs

AUTOMETER # 6809 Pro-Comp 9000 RPM Memory Tach
AUTOMETER #5411 Pro-Comp Fuel Pressure Gauge
AUTOMETER #5421 Pro-Comp Oil Pressure Gauge
AUTOMETER #5432 Pro-Comp Water Temp Gauge
AUTOMETER #5202 Pro-Comp Mounting Cups (3)

L&L #30495 Motor Mounts
L&L #10156B Alternator Bracket Kit
L&L #10145C Power Steering Bracket Kit
FORD 2 row Aluminum Radiator 1986 F150 (Super cooling)
FORD Fan Shroud (Super cooling)

HOOKER #6339 Super Competition Headers 80-87 460 F-Series Truck
HYPERKOTE Metallic Ceramic Header coating
MAGNAFLOW #212259 5x8x18 - 3" C/O Mufflers

JAZ #251-016-01 16 Gal Fuel Cell
JAZ #400-016-03 Fuel Cell Mounting Kit
AN-8 Hose Cap
AN-8 90 degree Hose end (2)
AN-8 90 degree Hose end (8)
AN-8 Flare Union (2)
AN-8 Fuel Line (10 feet)
MOROSO #95230 Inline Fuel Filter
JAZ AN-8 Inline Fuel Filter
AN-8 to 3/8 NPT (3)
AN-8 Female Flare Swivel
AN-8 Fuel Pressure Adapter
Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSI Liquid Filled
AN-6 to 3/8 NPT 90 Degrees (2)
Holley #12-802-1 Blue pump w/ Regulator

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Wish it was an easier color to match. Looks like a good deal but would want a non step side bed on it. Know a guy who miht not care. I'll call him
Thanks, It is a stock GM :eek: color and I do have over a half gallon left.

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I wouldnt tell many people about the GM paint. I'm shure that just dropped 50hp or added 100 pounds
Had to take the paint to the local witch doctor to have the Evil Chevy DNA removed before using it, I think is is OK now. :D

I guess I should not tell anyone my wife drives a Z-28 either :mad:
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