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Okay, first things first..I am NOT a mechanic....I have basic knowledge and can fix most things.
I have a 1988 Holiday Rambler with the John Deere Chassis and the 460 engine. We just got it and it has been sitting a while. Engine runs great, but the hoses are dry rotted. The hose I am looking for a part number because it looks preformed.
It is about 6-8 inches long and it attaches to the engine on the left side as you are looking at it from the transmission end under the air filter. The other end is on a cylinder that is attached to a metal box (manifold?) with 4 smaller metal pipes running down to side into mounts by the heads.
The hose looks like it is part of an air/exhaust system. A pic of a similar part is attached. (Emission Control System??
It dry rotted and basically crumbled.

Is this a preformed hose and if so, anyone know a part number?
is it just a 3/4 hose that I can get form Orielly or Autozone?

Any help is deeply appreciated.


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You can use good heater hose in place of the OEM part.

Sometimes you can pull up the OEM hose picture on Rock auto, save the pic and go to the local auto parts store to find a close match or something you can cut to fit.

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