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anyone interested in a very clean 1988 town car. 97000miles (mostly highway) loaded, leather .(original sticker was 28000) dk blue in and out.
this car was always garage kept . underside is spotless. 302 aod. the only problem with the car is it has a low speed miss, driveability, the car sat in a garage since I think 1998 or 1997. ran fine when parked . when it was brought back out it hardly ran. I put a fuel pump ,plugs,wires,cap,rotor on it now it runs but has the miss issue. I think it is cloged injector but not sure.

It was a friends fathers car but he passed away and my friend does not have room to keep the car. he is asking $2000.car is in central ohio.

on ebay ends today cheap item 190180471428
you might be able to get it for 1200

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