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Hi all. First post. Just wanted to say hi and tell you what my 460 is in.

Ive got a 22' North River river jet boat. Not to be confused with the fiberglass 'go fast' boats. These are meant for packing loads and going shallow and not worrying so much about logs and gravel.

The motor is one of the standard era marine/industrial types with a D9 block, E6 heads and a CJ intake.

I cruise about 3675-3700rpm at 29mph, but ideally would like to get that down to a lower rpm (its a heavy boat).

Ive also got a spare motor that someone hydraulic'd and bent a rod. same block, heads, intake. I'll most likely just be reading and not posting until I figure out which route I want to go with a build.

The best part is the motor runs great, so I can collect parts and have machine work done with no down time!

Would be nice to find someone else with a similar ride to see what they have done to keep the reversion issue minimal (wet exhaust below waterline). Sorry this isnt in the new members area, figured this might be a good spot for this!


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