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I just thought I would post it up for sale just incase anyone is interested.
It was a 4cylinder car.
Very, very clean and no rust.
No signs it's ever been in a wreck.
There is a little bit of damage on the lower core support from what appears to be wrecker damage.
It was a project I was working on and changed builds. I have all of the interior panels and pretty much everything else for the car.

Asking $1,000 as is and will load you up with the rest of the parts in my attic.
Located in Philadelphia, Mississippi
Come and get it!

You can see the duct tape in one of the pictures where I was sealing the car up for storage. I just thought I would test the waters to see if anyone is interested.

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I would have bought it three weeks ago and i'm in Jackson! Too late now. Got a cowl hood or any other fox or bbf parts for sale since your local?
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