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After getting a call friday afternoon when I was out of town the the convertible had caught fire and sustained some fire damage ive decided to sell it and start over. Car is 89 turbo 4 conversion car. Runs ok, drives ok. Fresh paint, good tires ( 2 sets of 2 matching but good tread on all 4) Interior and windshield took all the damage from fire. CLutch and flyhweel has about 5k miles. Put in NEW from Napa when I swapped it from auto to 5 sp. 3.73 rear 7.5 gear, pony wheels are decent with some curb rash. Accepting offers. Car is paid for but I'll have to call the courthouse and bank and get the lein released, they never did that when I paid it off. Going to try and post some pics below.. if not email [email protected] or pm me.

Like I say. entertaining offers, im sure there will be ?'s ask and I'll answer as best I can.


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Murray ky. IM working for the summer in Clarksville tn about an hour away. so I can come home anytime. Ive been coming home every weekend.

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Heres a list of the good and bad.

Problems with convertible.

After fire
Needs new top
Drivers and passengers pillar trim
Seal at top of windshield
Both visors
Passenger door panel arm rest and window and door lock controls.
Passenger seat, (Both front seats need replacing Drivers seat just wore out)
Door edge guard( flat piece that holds carpet down.)

Things I didn’t get around to fixing before fire.

Lift cylinders installed.
Hook up speedometer at dash (never did when switching to 5 sp )
Hook up back up lights (never did when swap to 5 sp)
Drivers rear window off track ( goes up and down with assistance)
Small piece of vert frame top broken opens and closes fine, little hard to latch passenger side. Piece that is broken goes common on ebay for about 30-40 dollars.
Air conditioning does not work, have a used but supposedly good compressor in trunk
Horn and cigarette lighter do not work I think cigarette lighter is the culprit.
Parking brake doesn’t work, I think its just a cable has come undone.

The good
Battery less than 4 months old.
New water pump
Paint is less about 3 months old.
4 good tires, ( 2 sets of 2 matching)
Pony wheels some curb rash.
5 sp, turbo car, a lot of fun to drive, decent gas mileage (best I could judge with no speedometer)
Runs good, pretty peppy for a 4 banger IMO.
NEW clear headlights
35 lb inj
I Will also include header.

T3 Turbo will be sold separate if at all, (kinda want to get another just to have a pair on the shelf). Make offers with and without T3 turbo.

Also in the package a set of 16 inch Turbo coupe aluminum wheels.
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