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1991 Mustang Coupe ex 4 cyl car
-pump gas
-347 dart block (good to 2000 hp)
-sfi balancer
-eagle stroker kit
-arp hardware
-canton 8 qt pan
-AFR 205 heads stage 111 port and polish
-1.6 roller rockers
-comp hardened pushrods
-rocker arm girdle
-custom gring comp solid roller cam
-victor intake
-alum calve covers
-750 hp holley
-nos big shot 175-500 hp fogger
-2 10 lb bottles
-meziere waterpump
-msd dist
-msd coil
-mallory digital 685 ign box
-thundervolt 50 wires
-mac headers
-mac 3" prochamber
-3" flowmaster super 40 mufflers
-blackmagic cooling fan
-4 row alum radiator
-autometer guages, tach, oil, temp, nos, trans temp
-aerospace brakes (front and rear)
-all brake lines are hard or braided
-tubular k member
-tubular a arms
-coilovers w/ 90/10's
-manual rack, fresh alignment
-50/50 rear shocks
-lift bars
-adj uppers
-8.8 w/welded axle tubes
-4.30 gears
-SVO diff girdle
-mini spool
-31 spline axles
-driveshaft loop
-alum driveshaft
-redneck C-4 (rated 800 hp)
-3600 billet front cover stall converter (rated 1000 hp) for nos or turbo
-blowproof sfi bellhousing
-deep alum pan
-sfi flexplate
-large tranny cooler w/enderle fan
-braided cooler lines
-all braided fuel lines and an fittings
-rear sumped tank
-two complete fuel systems (one motor/one nos system)
-8 pt cage
-racing buckets
-5pt harnesses
-subframe connectors
-draglites 15x3 and 15x10
-new nexen 165/80r15
-new 26x11.50-15 et streets
-rear cutoff switch
-2 red optima batteries
-boss hood
-black exterior
-black and gray interior

Car looks good, has some dings here and there. Not a showcar but presentable.
I have not made a pass with the auto setup. With a tko 600 and short shifting the motor, it went 11.01 @ 125 on motor and 10.77 @ 139 on the spray. The car should et alot quicker with the auto setup. I have this car priced to sell at $10,500, there is over $18,000 in the motor alone.. 4 passes and about 200 street miles on motor, 20 miles on trans, just put it in last weekend.... 765-541-0577 or [email protected]
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