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1996 EFI Rebuild Book or Guide

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I have general knowledge of rebuilding engines but it has been a while since I've done it and just don't want to mess something up by doing something stupid or missing a step.

I was just wondering if someone could direct me to a book or guide for rebuilding a 1996 EFI 460. I have seen the recommendations for Tom Monroe's book several times but have also read that it isn't a very up to date book (i.e. mainly for rebuilding older engines). Would you still recommend this for an EFI engine?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Yes the Tom Monroe book is a very good resource even for the later model motors. :)
Well then....I guess I'll go ahead and get that one. Thanks for the reply.
I don't know of any books specifically for the later model 460s. The Tom Monroe book is a lot of good reading, but it does lack important info relating to any engines after they were externally balanced...1979 I believe. It is those little things that will get you, such as the hatchet spacer, flexplate, flywheel, head, intake and exhaust differences... and those front covers that don't have a dipstick tube/fuel pump provision, just to name some that I have come across. I would recommend getting a good shop manual for torque specs, as I can imagine that there could be some minor differences there over the years also.

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