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Pretty new to building an engine any advise, info, guidance, or help on my first build is welcomed. Just picked up a block an hr ago... parts I have:
  • 460 bare block machined and bored .040 over with pistons and possibly stock cam
  • C6 transmission (will need to be rebuilt, any recommendations in Tx?)
Goals for build and usage:
  • street/strip
  • looking to make 500+ (naturally aspirated, carb)
  • 93 octane
  • will most likely be put into a foxbody, 66 coupe or 69 coupe
Time and money not really an issue since I'm not in a rush, if anybody can point me into the right direction I will greatly appreciate it. I'm basically asking for a build/part sheet to follow, so I can keep busy on my down time. :LOL:
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