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have a barely used 2100 cfm rons terminator injection system

comes with everything just as from rons

I have all the lines that dont come with the system from rons as well

I also have with it a primer plus system and a starting line enhancer that is new never used. All the rest has maybe 20 passes

I have money burning a hole in my leg and will base my motor around this system which is what was on it before if not gone in 2 days. This is a fraction of what it would cost you.

I have available as well

a fuel cell for the system $100

egt meter makes tuning very easy $100

$1700 shipped

it is 0 1/2 pump and have jets for sb and bb

here are the links to main parts available




will take in trade a 2000cfm or bigger efi TB

big stuff3 or fast for sbf
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