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I have 2 sets of L&L headers for sale,
1 set is fenderwell for 73-79 4wd F-150, & has been slightly modified to work with the 73-77.5 f-250/350 4wd suspension, so they will work on both, they have been laying around a while so they are a little rusty but in good shape other than that,
$200.00 + shipping

The other set are fenderwell for 78-79 F-250/350 4wd they have a bit of surface rust but just spots, other than that they are like new,
$300.00 + shipping,

both sets are 1 3/4 primary & 3" collectors,

The first set were on the race truck, & The new engine required bigger headers,

the second set were on a street driven truck that is getting a 5.9 cummins & will no longer need headers.
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