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Well the time has come to move this chassis. I had it built by S/S Race Cars a couple years ago, it has set since. All the tube work is chromoly! Priced that lately? The car is set up for BBF. The front K-member is customyou can drop the oilpan without pulling the engine. Has a funnycar cage should certify to 25.5. Detachable Ford Racing steering wheel. Interior cage work was done so the factory console could be used. The seat mounts were mocked up using kirkey aluminum seats. It has power windows and locks which worked fine at time of dismantle. There is no wireing in the car, I have the factory harness that will go with it.

REAR: Chromoly Fab 9 fully braced
Strange adjustable shocks
Wheelie bar mounts are welded on
Moser aluminum draw thru center section
Moser 35 spline axles
Moser spool
4 link with wishbone
Aerospace race brakes
5/8 studs

Tires/wheels: 15x14 Weld Alumistars (new)
29.5x13.5 M/T slicks (new)
Front suspension: Tubular a arms (custom) the front a-arms are made so the tires set3/4" ahead of stock location. Has some cheapo lakewood stuts right now with stock "93 rotors.
It has a new Skinny Kids wing. Parachute mount is custom.
All the rear suspension, K-member, parachute mount and even the rearend is powder coated mexican chrome and clearcoated. It is only about 20% away from looking like chrome!

I know there is more I'm forgetting.
This car is awesome setting still.

I don't have to sell, but the right offer gets it.

$22,500 No low balling. Like I said, It doesn't have to be sold. Thanks for looking.
Any ? just ask.


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The pics dont do this car any justice, you have to see in person scottke try listing this on yellowbullet if you dont have any hits, Jeremy

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I tried RJ, but I couldn't get my pics to upload off photobucket.
On RJ, you can upload pics to your member's profile/ photo gallery and then state in your ad you have more pics and to click on your "view racespace profile" above your seller information ;)
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