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2004 ford mustang tube chassis race car BUILT IN 2010 cert to 8.50 and can easily cert to 7.50 with the addition of a few bars. all metal body but hood and deck lid. vfn fiberglass hood with rj race cars scoop molded on. main frame rails are 2x4 and the rest is mild steel tube. Has a 545 bbf engine and powerglide trans with 1.80 straight cut gears. rear end is a for 9 inch with 4.30 pro gears. ran a best of 8.93 in the 1/4 mile at 153 mph and runs 5.70's in the 1/8th at about 122 mph. The car is set up to run in electronics or no electronics classes, just unplug the delay box and footbrake the car.Car has a MSD 7al-3 ignition box and start retard box for easy starting. Strange strut front suspension and strange pro race brakes all around.

Engine- stock 429 block bored and stroked to 545
cast iron dove-c heads that are ported and polished
Eagle rotating assembly
howards cam and valve train (.718/.726 lift cam)
howards springs, harland sharp rockers, jomar stud girdle,
victor junior intake, aed dominator 1050 carb. 5 gallon fuel cell in trunk with magnafuel fuel pump and regulator.

trans- coan racing super pro 28" trans with brake, extreme duty planetary and 1.80 straight cut gears. also coan racing adapter plate from ford motor to powerglide. coan 8" converter

rear- 4 link narrowed 9" ford housing with moser 35 spline axles and richmond 4.30 pro gears

all custom fab work, aluminum interior except doors and top side like the pillars and headliner are stock. stock dash with inserts for gauges. the car also has power windows, great for a summer day.

To many things to list but has all the best parts. no money spared when this car was built. launches hard and goes straight everytime. email for more pictures [email protected] or call 301-481-1977 stephen will sell for 25,000 rolling or 30,000 turnkey NO TIRE KICKERS


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