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CODE BLUE RACING – The Heartbeat Has Just Stopped!!!

I am posting this as an announcement of our sponsorship promotion for the upcoming 2006 SCSC and NJBA Boat Racing Season. We are attempting to do what was done many years ago, run Circle Races and Drag Races. This was the standard back then in the Comp Jet classes. We at Code Blue Racing have set up a Nostalgia Comp Jet class with SCSC, thanks to Ross Wallach. We will be running at all of the SCSC Nostalgia Boat Racing events. As well as the NJBA Boat Drags, where Brian Busby has invited us to run in the 12.50 second bracket. Due to my current health issues Mr. Scott Foxwell will be driving for us the first race. I am expecting to be cleared by Doctors and feel able to do the job safely, by the second round. Scott has stepped up to help keep my dream alive. All of our potential sponsors have unique products and services. We feel Code Blue Racing can make all of our sponsors happy and promote their product well through out the 2006 Boat Racing Season. Please contact Jim at Code Blue Racing for further info or if you would like Code Blue Racing to promote your products. Any help with sponsorship, be it product donation, discounts and/or monetary would be greatly appreciated. Code Blue Racing is also looking for some folks that can help us out at the races.

If you need any further information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you,

Jim Rich

Code Blue Racing

[email protected]


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I have received word today from Ross Wallach Commodor of the SCSC, that for us, the Nostalgia Comp Jet Class, to start our season at Lake Ming/Bakersfield in March, I need commitments. Anyone wishing to field a boat in the Nostalgia Comp Jet Class on March 3rd - 4th, please step up now. I have posted the proposed basic rules and I will be submitting them to SCSC on Jan. 20th.

The Southern California Speedboat Club is offering a Nostalgia Comp Jet Class, but with few CJs, they have had to race against the v-drives. This is OK for bragging rights, but according to Ross Wallach (Commodore of SCSC), we Jet Boat Guys and Gals can have our own class if there are a minimum number of participants.

I am working on a Nostalgia Comp Jet Class for SCSC. My goal is to put the rules together that will accommodate most Jet Boat circle racing classes. This is the key to bringing the Comp Jet class back, unity. I want to instill on everyone that no matter what, the max speed rule of 80.9 will not be changed. This one rule is our major governing body to keep the little guy in the game. I am also inviting everyone to give there input. We do not have Official Rules at this time for Nostalgia Comp Jet. I would like to make a general group of rules across the country. This way if a guy in NC wants to run out at Lake Ming, CA, all he has to worry about is getting here on time.

Anyone that is interested, would like to get involved, or want more info in Jet Boat Circle racing, please let me know by email: [email protected]. We need a minimum of 5 boats to have a Comp Jet Class.

These are the proposed rules, as of now, that will be submitted for approval on January 20th, 2006 to SCSC for the 2006 Comp Jet Class;

Please review

Nostalgia Comp Jet Class

APBA & SCSC Proposed General Rules

1) Required: Minimum of 5 Boats.

2) Maximum length of 21'.

3) Entry Fee: $80/average pre day, rates may vary.

4) Plus APBA Membership fee (can apply for Single Event rather than full membership).

5) Plus SCSC membership fee-$20/year.

6) Certified Life Jacket & Helmet, Per APBA specified rules. Helmet and jacket must meet APBA rule, (ii) For participants in open and unrestrained cockpits, the upper fifty percent (50%) of the helmet must be neon, florescent, red, orange, yellow, or international orange, and meet current certification.

7) Boats to be in safety compliance, Per APBA specified rules.

8) No Jet-A-way required.

9) GPS - Contact Jim Best for GPS Spec...must have max speed sensor and recording.

10) Maximum speed 80.9 MPH.

11) Kill switch.

12) Neck collar.

13) Helmet restraints.

14) Any engine (ci), as many carbs as wanted, super chargers, blowers, turbos, anything including Turbine engines.

15) Turning Rudder (must be equipped with a rudder that extends at least 4 inches below the jet nozzle and has a minimum surface area of 16 inches).

16) Diverter stop (Rooster Tail not to exceed about 4’ off the water).

17) Through bolted loader (4 - 5/16" black oxide bolts).

18) The numbers must be at least 12 inches in height, starting with cj, in contrasting colors, and legible.

19) Have fun and be safe.

For Schedule & Race Information visit:


SCSC Membership

APBA entry form

2006 SCSC Race Schedule
Not updated with '06 schedule yet

APBA Rules

Good Luck and I hope to see you out there.

Please contact

Jim Rich
[email protected]

2005 Sprint Nationals - Long Beach, California

Anyone else want to get in on the fun ???

Nostalgia Comp Jet is now a Class in SCSC

"Nostalgia Comp Jet Field @ Lake Ming in Bakersfield on 3-4 March '06"

1) Code Blue Racing/Scott Foxwell #cj72
2) Rick Ortega #cj812
3) BrianTheLion #cj918
4) Paul Kane #cj385
5) Ken Neal
6) Terry Valore #cj410
7) Rodger Finney #CJ288 wild injun

"Lake Ming Testing Per Ross Wallach, Thursday March 2nd from 6am ~ 12pm"

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I want to thank Lilrick and Terry for coming out and making this a great weekend. Ross thank you so much for making my dream a reality.

The CBR Sanger work great the driver did good and the bone stock BBF front sump engine worked perfectly. We were not the fastest but we finished each heat. The driver we had did a very good job pushing the go peddle as far as it could go. The boat does need a bit more set up work concidering it was the first time out with this whole combination.

We also need to thank;

Jim for stepping up with all his required authorizations
Duane at HiTech Performance
Paul at High Flow Dynamics
Ron at Boatracingfacts
Jim and Tina Boatnam Racing
Don at Triad Performance Marine
Billy for launching
Frank for getting in the water doing catch and release
Ricks girlfriend for the great food

Yes Jim was very happy to be racing. We had a hell of a time getting there. Spent 2hrs on the side of the road friday night with a blowout on the trailer. The fog was so think you could not see anything. Stock truck jack was rusted up. Jim got us fixed and back on the road.

Nope we don't own a Super Jet anylonger that was sold about Nov. Now I drove the Code Blue Racing Sanger Custom Sprint Jet. Put it this way it was a great weekend. There will be some major set-up runs going on before the next race. But the bone stock front sump BBF did great. Our best GPS speed was 66mph with a Berk "A". I will be finishing up the 466 this week for weekend breakin. I hope more jets will come out for the next race.
What a great weekend !!! :cool:

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CBR burning the midnight oil !!!

Well the 460ci BigBadFord is all one. My wife, Donna did the assembly tonight.
This 385 (460ci) engine has stock bore with Ford Marine forged flat tops, D0VE head the have been shaved .030. It will be utilizing Miller 1.7 intake and 1.8 exhaust rockers. I have also installed 2.19 intake valves and 1.8 exhausts. The intake port has been matched to the CJ port on the entry and funneled down. The exhaust ports have been raised about a 1/8th of an inch, and tons of port and bowl work was done. I have about 58hrs in these heads. I am going to run a fairly small cam that has worked very well for us in the past. The Comp Cams 278 Xtream Marine. This unit will be topped off with a Victor 460 that has been port matched also. This intake is a 4500 version so I will be running a 1" adapter and a 850 Holley. I plan on running my 950 3brl when it is finally done. I am not planning on getting my *** handed to me again. We are also going to run one of the other Nostalgia classes, it is called Nostalgia Endurance. This class is not just jet boats it has a mix of GNs, Flats, Jets and Crackerboxes.

Damn I am getting excited

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