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Open chamber Heads
These heads have had a lot of work done to them.
*Machined for screw in studs and guideplates
*NEW 1/2 in bronze guides installed
*hardened exhaust seats installed
*NO bolts broke off or stripped holes
* NEW Ferrea 5031 2.25 intake valves
*NEW Ferrea 5045 1.71 exhaust valves
*NEW Comp Cams 4803-8 Guideplates
*New Comp Cams 4503-16 Rocker studs
*Comp Cams .600 lift springs, retainers and locks
*Competition 3 angle valve job
*Bowls are blended to the valve job
*Intake, Exhaust, and deck have been surfaced.

Super nice set of heads. I have $540 in parts alone, not including the cost of the castings. Ive got about $700 in labor in these heads.

Ill let the heads go for $875

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