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351M bellhousing fit a 460 ?

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Puttin together a 460 with big in ,big out top loader. Have apparently a 351M bellhousing. Will this work? Motor is on stand at this time. If it will work, do I go with a 184 tooth flywheel and which starter, 460 or 351 M? Thanks, Warren
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I think it will my dad did the swap years ago but if remember right you won't be able to fit the big clutch in there but I may be wrong a good place to look would be in the 4x4 and puller section.
i bought one with a 400m bell and use a manual flywheel from a 390 and not sure which starter , but it worked fine, I still have the flywhell if you need one cheap./., ED
What size block plate spacer did you use?

What size clutch was used also? 11" would be OK if it will fit. Thanks for the the quick responses. Hard to find car bellhousings for 429s. This will be going into 70 Torino. Will be tight but I will make it fit :)
I did a swap 25 years ago(a 429 in place of a 400) and a shop in the area had a adapter that was about 1/4inch thick or the way we did it we used four of the thin sheet metal shims. I recall we had to cut some relief areas out of the shim to clear the crank or the flywheel, its was alone time ago.

Hope that helps, maybe someone can enlighten some more.

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