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35's or 38's?

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My sponsor (the wife) says were ok to finally buy a set of boggers, but now what size? I set my truck up to run 35's mostly so I dont break anything. I've got dana 60's front and back but stock axles. I think I only have 1330 u-joints in the drive shafts (I'll have to measure, they're not big anyway) and my truck is somewhere between 5200 and 5500 pounds. I do mud bogs, hill climbing, abstacle courses, and truck pulls. I tried a set of 38's and I could turn them ok, the only thing I would need the bigger tire for is the mud and I'm not really sure how much difference three inches would make. I have 4:56
gears c6 with 2500 stall. oh and stock style hubs. I've broken axles with the 35's would I be looking at more breakage with 38's?
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I think you'd be fine with the 38s on everything except maybe the truck pulls. The extra clearance in the mud would make a big difference and be well worth it. I think if you upgraded to chromoly outers in the front and chromoly in the rear as well you'd be pretty well bullet proof for the stuff you're doing.
x2 good advice Myron!
35's won't hold a candle to the 38's
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