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36' Ford Pickup

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This is my 1936 Ford, 36' ford truck cab channeled 6.5" soon to have a 3" chop. 36' Ford bed (bobbed), 32' Ford 1.5t Truck frame soon t be Z'd in the rear, 32 Ford pickup grill. 1950's for 9" rear end, Late 1960's 2 piece Cragar drag rims, and Late 1960's front 0 offset Crestline rims, C6 transmission out of a 72 Lincoln, and I just picked up a running 1968 BB the previous owner claims its a 429, but I am still working on the Identification. I am pulling off the Intake manifold to get the ID number in the oil Gallery tonight If I can't get proper ID from that I will pull the Pan and find the crank number. So far all I have is the Block number C8VE-B and the Heads are C9VE-A. This Little Hot Rod pickup will be a screamer! Currently Its all under mockup I will post pics as the project makes headway.
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looking sweet man
Thanks It has been a blast to work on so far!
That is going to be really cool!!
Keep the pictures coming.
I Found the Tag on the motor! It is a 1969 429, there are no cracked pistons, everything looks to be good, time to get to work!
omg I just had to rub one out!!!!

Now thats badass! any chances you wanna sell it?!?!? :eek::D:confused:
LOL thanks it has been a blast to recycle all of these old parts and make them into one mean hot rod pickup! I don't think I can sell this one, just because its my first. I have done all the work to it so far and plan to keep it that way. It will probably turn into my show truck some day.
well my friend you have yourself one badass build!!!! I cant wait to see it grow! :eek: any new updates?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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