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all off a '96 Cobra with 60K, Everything pictured, $150... and I do have all the valve cover bolts as well, cleaned up very nicely and are all together in a little package but aren't pictured. Everything pictured has the bolts in them as well. If you take the time to sell it all individually, I think you could get an easy $500+

I also have a set of "B" heads with Cobra cams that have been machined .040", Horn did the machine work and the camshaft install. I would like $300 for the heads, they are still in the plastic bags from the machine shop.
I know I have seen "SOHC to DOHC" conversion kits selling for like $1K~ and I have everything you need here and then some to do the conversion for less than $500.

best way to get a hold of me: [email protected]
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