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I have for sale 4 American Racing Wheels AR172 aluminium wheels. They are all 10x15 and fit a Ford lug pattern of 5 on 5 1/2. The wheels are used but in good shape. These go for around $125 a piece brand new. You may see a cheaper price than that advertised online but they are $125 a piece when you include shipping. I only have pictures of two of the wheels right now. The other two are in the same condition as these in the pictures. They are dusty from sitting in the top of my barn for the last several years but they will clean up really well. I also have center caps for the wheels that are also not pictured. The center caps were never used. They have been sitting on my tool bench for years.

Please note the tires are not part of the deal. Just the 4 aluminium rims.

Asking $250 for all 4 plus shipping or you come and pick them up.

Thanks for looking!!
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