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I have a 1988 mustang that was originaly a 4 cylinder{now 460} car and I want to put on Cobra R 17x8 wheels, what do I need for the front? I am going to change to a 9 inch rear diff so I just need ideas for the front. I have read about changing to sn95 spindles,hubs,calipers and Lincoln rotors, please give me some help to get what I need for a reasonable price. Thanks
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Steve M. with Car Craft just did a low buck article about using Aerostar/Ranger/Bronco2 (ARB) rotors on a Fox body. You just need to swap bearings and *maybe* have the outside of the rotor turned down very slightly (like .050" or so) for caliper clearance.

Maybe someone can scan it for you.
Thanks for the info

Good info in the replies, nice to know the Cobra wheels wont fit with the Lincoln rotors.
Another option

Unless you just want bigger rotors, you can get 5 lug rotors from Powerslot. They swap right out for the 4 lug.
Are they the same size as the 4 cylinder rotors?
There's some good info here.

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