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I have rec'd my allotment of NEW Blue Thunder SK42855 Dual Plane, Dual Quad Intakes. I have sent out the preorders. I have ONE of each left. the one for Standard port 429-460 Heads such as C8VE, C9VE, DOVE, D2VE and D3VE, as well as Aluminum Heads with similar ports, is priced at $$810.00 including 48 state FedEx shipping. The CJ/SCJ port size Intake fits Most OVAL type port performance Aluminum Heads, as well as factory DOOE type Iron Heads is priced at $850.00 including 48 state shipping. If you want to pick up, you will save $30.00. If you want to use your own shipping, you will save $30.00. Both are in factory sealed, unblemished boxes.

I will see if there is any interest here before they go on Ebay. There is one on there now for $1600.00(???).

These have been out of stock for a LONG TIME, and will be again when the current batch is gone. IF YOU are interested, please call 951-763-9765 or email me at [email protected]

Pictures? My scanner is down and there is no workaround to get it going. I don't want to go to Windows 10 just now. Please look on Ebay as there are pictures on there, as well as my website and other places. The ONLY difference is that the SK number has been added, as well as 'Made in USA' on the bottom of the casting. Thanks,
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