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429-460 Dizzy

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I am getting rid of my 2 wire dizzy it is a holley dizzy for a 429-460 has brass gear on it but I would change it.All you have to have is a coil the red wire hot wire, black wire goes to the coil.The dizzy works good no electrical problems just going to a different route and don't need it any more.
I am in Irwinville Georgia
I will take $75 shipped for it to the lower 48 I will pay $10 on shipping out of the US you pay the rest

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So with this you don't need a control box? Does it limit revs at all?

Can this be recurved like a Duraspark II?

One more thing, what type of coil do you use with this distributor?

No control box needed it is built in the dizzy if you look real close at the 3rd pic you can see the corner of it.I used a factory coil with it .No it does not have a rev limiter in it and about the recurve I do not know.
here is a vid of it in my engine running
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