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set of C9ve Rods out of 429 Dove block, still has stock flat top pistons on them, but 2 of them arent any good $50

Set of D6 Rods with .030 Dish pistons for 3.85 stroke I dont know alot about them, they where in a Engine I bought for the Block guy said they didnt have many miles on them, but the tops of the pistons are slightly blackened $125

Stock Power steering pump, was on a 460 out of a 82 Camper I Believe i still have the brackets as well $40

2 Alternator's both where on running 460's when i picked them up I may still have the brackets for them to ill have to check $40 each

Set of D3 heads off Running have Valve's and Springs but no Rockers $125

Make a offer if you see anything you may want need, i have some other stuff to but i gotta go threw it all, everything is PLUS SHIPPING from 28582 Stella NC send me a Zip and ill get you a total with shipping

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