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429 CJ or Thunderjet

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I found this car for sale pretty cheap and the guy seems to think it has a cj engine. I have not gone to look at it, but it has always been my understanding that the cj / scj only came in: mustangs, cougars, torinos and cyclones. Will need to go and look at the casting#.

From the ad:

1971 T-Bird "with 65000 orig miles"
"This is a project car. It has been sitting since 1975. Needs total restoration. it has a Ford Factory Cobra-Jet 429 engine. with 65,000 original miles. I have been told that the engine is work more than car. very rare. car has pop-up lights, factory ac, suicide doors.
thanks for reading":

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It probably could have been special ordered with a CJ but only way to know is to run the numbers.
Thunderjet. That was the "Ford Factory" engine in the T-Birds. They all seem to magically morph into Cobra Jets. Unfortunately it's just a common misconception. If it's a factory original engine there will be a metal tag under the coil bracket with all the engine info. Have him give you the numbers.

I just spoke to him again and he sold it and another 429 engine for $500! Would have been a great find either way. He said the buyer had not picked them up yet and I was welcome to come and look at it..........you know I will! Would be my luck that someone stuck a CJ in it along the way. Will update........
D0VE.........I can sleep now!
Wishfull thinking on the sellers part, or he simply does'nt know Fords. That car is not a 1971 T Bird, but rather a 68 or 69 model. But since the sticker on the air cleaner says 429 Cobra Jet, he must think it really is one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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