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Hi i want some information about my 1971 429 , i want keep my dove-c head install main girdle with arp bolt forged rod with forged piston flat top intake wriand 8021, carburator quickfuel 750 race ,wich cam i need to put ? I want get around 450-500 hp
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What are you trying to accomplish? The main girdle isn’t needed, use a stock replacement grade 8 bolt for the mains, a flat top piston with a closed chamber head is gonna give you way too high of compression for any pump fuel, and last but not least the stealth intake is great for WOT but gives up a lot at part throttle.
Use this build as a guide. This client insisted we build it as a 429. It made 460 hp @ 5,400.
The same identical combo at 466 inches makes another 35 hp and 55 lb feet.
This time around client agreed to a 460 for another project.

The cam timing required with the smaller engine is [email protected] .050" intake. A 460 will make 1 hp cu in with a 219 intake lobe as will the 29.

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Hi your not going to need a big lift cam .. it's fairly easy to get 450 to 500 out of a 429/460 with flat top pistons and D0 heads. You do need a duel lift pattern .. cam to make up for the smaller exhaust valve.. this might work well

good luck take care be safe
What u thing i need to have high response idle to 5500rpm i will follow your advice
HI I had a 460 bored .030 over.. (over bore should only be done to clean up cylinders, you don't gain a lot with boring .030 over bore only gained me 6 cu.in. making it a 466.) Stock crank with foot ball (truck ) rod bolts. Flat top pistons, D2VE heads cleaned up exhaust bump, Comp roller tip rockers, Performer intake, 750 cfm edelbrock carb ,1 3/4" headers, 516 intake lift 543 exhaust lift Launati cam. 3:55 Rear gears Tru track 9". dynoed at over 400 + TQ right off idle to 5,500 RPM's in my 5,000 lb. 4 door truck also pushed it to a 14.5 sec. 1/4 mile
OH C6 transmission stock torque converter.

good luck take care be safe
Personally I like solid cams better. Easier to adjust and make great HP/TQ.
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