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429 hp estimate

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Just curious with the engine i've built what hp im pushin

72 429
Dove-c heads with scj valves
comp cams 280h
Comp cams roller rockers
performer rpm intake
Edelbrock 750cfm
Saunderson headers
noisy gear drive insted of timing chain
Cam specs as follows
Duration In Ex
280 280
@ .050 lift 230 230
Valve lift .530 .530

lobe center angle 110
Intake centerline 106
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1. Any head work other than larger valves?

2. Why the straight duration cam and not a split duration stick?

Choices look decent. If you've had some head work done and have the tune dialed in you might be approaching 420. No head work, more like 380-400.

just bought heads on ebay with new valves 30 deg valve job dual springs no porting done

2. No idea on the cam beginner engine builder bought the cam and had it install before i had any idea
The cam isn't a bad choice, it's just there are other sticks that might have pulled and extra few HP out of your combo. Unmolested heads like a little more exhaust duration. But we're talking single to low double digit power differences on a mild motor like yours so don't worry about it.

Also, make sure the heads actually have SCJ valves. People have a habit of applying the SCJ moniker to anything associated with a 429. The build sheet you got with the heads should list part numbers.

I'd be tempted to trade the gear drive off in exchange for some head work. You've got a relatively mild combo and a garden variety double-roller timing chain would be plenty fine. Some basic port work could easily net you another 20 hp, maybe more.

At the very least your combo should make for a nice, streetable engine with gobs of torque just off idle and a reasonably street-friendly personality. It will do a good job of motorvating pretty much anything short of a Sherman tank and still be easy on parts.

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Heads have scj valves for sure, engines in a 51 ford wieghs about 3600lbs whats a safe rpm to ramp this engine up to
Without knowing what's in the bottom end I'll presume a stock rotating assembly. It would probably live to 5500 on occasion but I'd be leery pushing it past 5200-5300 with any great regularity. It's kinda a moot point anyway. With your parts the power peak is about 4500-4700 rpm so somewhere in the 5200-ish range will be a perfect shift point.

Would 1.8 rockers on the exhaust valves help with spliting the duration on the cam i have 1.72 on the intake
1.8 rocker will help lift , but wont do much for duration. Your biggest gains will be work on the exhaust and next bowl work if not possible then a cam with atleast 10 degrees dur./ and more lift on exhaust.
So tearing the engine down super low oil pressure . Going to throw flat tops in and possibly installing that FAST EFI system. Any Hp increase ???
Tear Down

Where are you located ? Fast EFI is good but also pricey. A good carb will probably make a few more HP.

ya so not to far away from you. But ya a good carb but i think i wanna go with EFI . One less thing to tune.But i gotta get motivated to pull that engine and get it fixed up.
So engine is now rebuilt with keith black flat tops .30 over . Seems to run smooth any HP Guess with the new pistons and cam?
You should have stuck with a timing chain. That gear drive is going to shorten the life of the motor due to poor harmonics in my opinion.
alrighty. THanks for the input. Noted
I have a similar build in my 64 with 5.28 gears and have a lot of fun at the run what you brung drags
If you are going to run a gear drive degreeing it in is a must.
already done. Engine is running no issues. Just wanted someones best guess on hp.
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