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Hello everyone.

I am new to the site and was hoping to show off and get a HP estimate on the build I just had done on my 1978 Ford F-150. I purchased it from a neighbor 5 years ago with it being in very good shape considering its age. Here are some of the highlights of what I have had done; new carpet for the interior, re-done the interior and exterior lights to make them all in working order, upgraded the headlights to LED, had the C6 transmission rebuilt, new tires and rims, replaced the steering wheel and column with an aftermarket one, and installed a receiver hitch.

This spring I was able to acquire a 429 engine from a different neighbor and had a local mechanic install it for me. The engine was rebuilt and then was never put into anything, water got into the engine and rusted out 2 of the pistons. The mechanic was able the just re-hone those cylinders and replace those 2 pistons. So the summary for this engine goes as follows....
The engine is bored out to .030 over stock
stock replacement pistons
stock replacement cam shaft (I think)
stock heads
stock replacement lifters and rods
stock replacement valve springs (or a very similar equivalent I think)
A holly 750 cfm carburetor with vacuum secondaries, electric choke, & single fuel line
Weiand stealth dual plane intake manifold
Headers with 2" mains and a dual exhaust system
stock radiator fan.

I have been looking around on the internet to find the rated HP for this engine stock and then make an educated guess on what the HP is now. But I not been able to find any solid info and everything I find is about the 429 Boss, 429 Cobra Jet, or the 429 Super Cobra Jet which I know this engine is not.
Some additional info
The casting number of the block is D1VE-A2B which from what I can tell means it is a 1971-1978 429/460 with 2 bolt mains
The casting number of the heads is D3VE-A2A and from what I can tell these are just the plain Jane heads that are also used in the generic 460's

I live in a rural area and from what I can tell the nearest shop with a chassis dyno is over 200 miles away so running it to them isn't as easy as taking there for an afternoon.

So if anyone can let me know what the HP and torque for that engine was rated for stock and what they think it is running at now I would greatly appreciate it. I asked the mechanic what he thought and his opinion was that it was running somewhere between the high 200's and low 300's for HP. Also if anyone can give me an educated guess on what they think the compression ratio is I would like to know that as well. My guess is that it is sitting at 8.5:1 or maybe 9:1

Attached are a few pictures of the pickup and the new engine
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320-340 hp. The 70-71 429 Thunder jet was rated at 360 hp with 10.8 c/r and a Quadra jet carb.

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At 360 Hp the early high compression 429 TJ's were over rated. 320 hp with OEM exhaust manifolds and dual exhaust with the 4300 motor craft 4 bbl carb a more accurate.

Based on your provided specs with the headers, stealth intake with an OEM style cam, straight up cam timing with a properly curved distributor.

280 to 320 hp is typical.

That stealth intake is great at WOT and kinda sucks everywhere else. Large runner cross section hurts torque, throttle torque, throttle response and transient response. A performer intake is a much better fit here.

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