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429 in '05-07 Mustang GT?

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Curious to know if/how well a 429 will fit in an '05-07 Mustang GT for a project I may be doing, depending on the answer I get here. Thanks!
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Oh, well, maybe I should have looked a little harder! Thanks!
I remember that. I sure wish they had been real close to me. I would have worked for free to be a part of that beautiful build.
Completely off topic but that made me think of it again...

Has anyone put an 05-07 front clip on a 99-04? I love the fronts of the 05-07 but HATE the rest and I love the 99-04 but liek the 05-07 front ends better because they bring back tht old school look.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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