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429 more horsepower

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i have a 1970 429 so i have been reading the forums and some people state they came with 360 hp from factory what can i do to my 429 to gain alot of hp? i had an aggresive cam kit, should i do aluminum heads? roller rockers, bigger valves, headers, high rise performer rpm intake. i'm stuck idk if i want to just rebuild the 429 and try and get as much power as i can or go with a stroker? I would like to be able to run 91 and make it a street/ some strip truck.
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For the money you have shown here, get a 460 crank and aftermarket pistons with a set of SCJ aluminum heads for a good beginning.
That 429 makes a good "Class Racer" engine but, it lacks quite a bit on the street.
If you're going to get a crank, might as well go stroker.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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