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I just had this conversation with Doug @ KAASE tracking down some parts and im running a C9 block and...He Stated " DO NOT USE A MAIN GIRDLE AND DO NOT ADD 4 BOLT MAINS CAPS...LEAVE IT ALONE BECAUSE IT SHIFTS THE STRESS UPWARDS INTO THE BLOCK AND IT WILL CRACK THE STOCK BLOCK"
For the record: Aftermarket 4-bolted 429-460 passenger car blocks have supported far more horsepower than the production 2-bolt blocks could ever hold, and it is okay to 4-bolt the 2-bolt passenger car blocks if you know the best way how. In drag racing applications 2-bolt blocks often run up to 1000+ HP, and 4-bolted blocks regularly support a lot more than that, such as 1500 and up to 2000 HP. Running a stock block this way is not for the faint of heart but it is not unreliable if you know how to do it and accept the high amount of maintenance that comes with such an engine program. My late busines partner ran a 4-bolted D1VE block in an billet hemi headed engine combo that could generate about 3000 HP, running 96% nitromethane as a rule, and made passes that were not just 1/4-mile long but literally 1-1/3 miles long every pass and did so for 7 years with zero cylinder block failures. The block was unfilled and the oiling was wet sump.
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