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Hoping someone here may have some experience with something like this...

I don't have an unlimited budget, so that is the reason for my post.

I have several 460 blocks, most are d3 or d9s. I have a complete 545 rotating assembly, and some ported A429 heads.

I am interested in exploring the standing 1/2 mile racing, and I know in order to take on some of the Lamborghinis from a power to weight ratio standpoint, I need to be making around 1200 hp.

I could easily achieve that number with a turbo with 12 to 15 psi (complete guess) on the 545 and spin it to 6000 rpm to try to keep stress down.

I have a girdle for the mains.

My machinist said the best shot I have surviving is to hard block fill the block to bottom of the water jackets, stud the mains, and balance everything as perfect as possible.and since the runs should only be maybe 20 seconds or so, and if the tune is dead on,....we might have a chance.....?

I don't really have the funds for a eliminator block with the expense of the rest of the car...

So what are the chances it can hold together? 50/50?? I have heard of people making it happen, but hoping to find someone who has come close in one way or another.

Thanks in advance! And yes I know it's sketchy and yes I know I should just call Jon kaase and drop 100gs, and get all top quality etc. But I have this stuff soooo....
I just had this conversation with Doug @ KAASE tracking down some parts and im running a C9 block and Doug said these blocks can easily handle 700-800hp No Problem on the street, NOW on the drag strip where you have slicks and ideal traction.. you are going to need the Ford Racing SVO block. He said on the street the stock block is plenty strong enough BUT He Stated " DO NOT USE A MAIN GIRDLE AND DO NOT ADD 4 BOLT MAINS CAPS...LEAVE IT ALONE BECAUSE IT SHIFTS THE STRESS UPWARDS INTO THE BLOCK AND IT WILL CRACK THE STOCK BLOCK"
Hope this helps
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