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I'm new to the 460's. I have raced clevelands in the past and I think I'm ready for the big stuff.

I have a 70 Maverick tube chassis car that weighs 2300 lbs w/o driver. Due to budget constraints with my job I have to be on a cheap budget since I lost about 3K on last years update on my cleveland stroker that broke a crank and split the block. I still have the heads and strip dominator intake.

What would be a mild combo for a 460 with stock rods and heads that have been worked. The computer software I have says the car with a mild combo will run about 6.40 1/8 mile at 106 mph. I have a D1VE block and a pretty good set of worked iron heads.

I welcome all suggestions!



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(no login) Speed costs money...how fast do you want to go?...Ohh! that fast?...DAMN!
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Your Maverick should be pretty light,so you are already ahead of the game! You dont need much to go fairly quick,maybe this is a thought: Stock block,crank and rods (reworked of course) and forged pistons. Balanced assembly with an aftermarket dampener. A solid lifter cam with something between .600" and .660" inch lift and 270 to 288 in duration @ .050" a single plane Edelbrock Victor intake and Dominator carb (1050 to 1150) and MSD ign. with 2" inch primary headers. Couple that to a built C4 trans and you're flyin! These are just some ideas. Go to www.FordMuscle.com and look at the readers rides section,theres a cool early Maverick with a 429/460 that runs 10's!

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(no login) I'd toss the stock rods...
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And step up to a set of aftermarket steel rods, Eagles, Crower or Carillos all make a good rod for use up to 7-7500 rpm, just good insurance.

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Mike R.
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You're not going to have to make killer power to really make that Maveric move. I haven't figured up exactly what it will take to accomplish what you are after, but I'm thinking you put something together with maybe 500-550 horsepower and it's going to go into the 6's in the 1/8th mile very easily. You should be able to get that much horsepower with the kind of combo you're talking about. I'm assuming that the heads you're talking about are ported and have the large valves installed.

I agree completely with all the pieces IRSS suggested. The only thing I would say is that you seem to be talking more about a budget engine with a stock bottom end which to me means probably keeping it below 6500 RPM. With that in mind you could probably get by with a solid lift cam with a little bit less duration, maybe in the 255-270 @ 050" range. The rest should be pretty simple. The Victor intake is really the only choice for an engine like this and a 1050 is ideal, but an 850 will probably achieve what you want if you happen to have one laying around already. I also agree with RJP that the h-beam rods are good insurance. Now my brothers and I have never had any problems with the scj or truck rods, but we don't race on a week in and week out basis.
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