FORD 429-460 C6 w/GEAR VENDORS OVERDRIVE UNIT Came out of a running 1970 should be in good condition, however since I did not know the last owner and did not drive the car, I cannot guarantee this to be in perfect condition. I am selling it AS IS condition with no warranties expressed or implied. Prefer to sell it locally in the So. Cal. area. Location is Ontario, CA. Pickup by appt. only Mon-Fri. 8am-2:30pm and some Saturdays. Fits all 429's; 460's and 351M/400 engines. Since the internals for FE, 460 and Sm. Block are basically the same, this set up will work in any C6 by changing to the appropiate case. Convertor may be different for 351m-400?? Comes complete with trans, convertor, flex plate, dipstick and tube, gear vendors overdrive unit and all the swtiches and cables needed to install it. PRICE: $1750 (Gear Vendors unit alone is $3500 new!). If you are out of town/country I can put it on a pallet, shrink wrap, put some thick cardboard over it and put a few cheapy ratchet straps on it and deliver with my trailer to your shipper within 50 miles for an extra $150.00. Trans. measurements are: 21" x 21" x 50" long and weighs 200 lbs.. I have plenty of references available upon request. Thanks, Ron Miller