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30-over Dove-A block with all of the latest professionally oil modifications done, Lifter bore are bushed to produce more oil flow. all core plugs have a tapered cut to keep oil flowing & block has been coated. Forged flat top pistons, 6.760 steel I-beam 440 Mopar rods, Crank is a moldex crank mains are 10-under rods are standard. The crank is internally balanced motor is a beast! Block was professionally done. Motor was in a 93 notch and has went 9's on motor never on spray! and has never been sprayed
also has main studs. it was pulled out because of oil pressure changes to find out what the problem was and the oil pump broke because the pick up strap was broke. Now harm was done to this motor, I was going to put new bearing in the motor and put it back in but just don't have the money any more.

800. Get you

steel rods
forged flat top pistons
new set of clevite race main bearning

Thanks everybody.

Pickup only. i dont know how to ship this stuff...


[email protected]

Taylor, Michigan 48180

if you look on craigslist you could see the motor for sale... [email protected]
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