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Ford 460 engine project for sale. I have decided that with the arrival of my son, there is little time to spend on it, and I would rather see it go to someone who will enjoy it. Here is a list of what is included and the current retail prices:

Late 1970's 460 engine block and crank (Block No. DIVE-6015-A2B) - Machined (bored, honed) cleaned and painted by engine shop
Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Heads (2) (Part Nos. 60679) - $1,215.99 each
Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Intake (Part No. 7166) - $318.07
Edelbrock Performer RPM Camshaft and Lifters (Part No. 7167) - $258.55
Eagle H-Beam Rods (Part No. CR56605F3d) - $479.97
Speed Pro Pistons .30 (Part No. L2404F) - $397.99
Trick Flow Rocker Arms (Part No. TFS 53400621) - $319.97
Comp Cams Pushrods (Part No. CCA-7834-16) - $30.97
Melling Oil Pump (Part No. M-84BHV-5) - $95.97
ARP Bolt Set (Part No. ARP-555-9801) - $166.73
Sealed Power Piston Rings (Part No. E-296K) - $56.99
Comp Cams Guide Plates (Part No. 4838-8) - $42.97

I am including the engine stand as well. All these parts are designed to work together, and were taken directly from a magazine build that produced over 550 horsepower and 550 lb. ft. torque. I got the best parts available to make it more than capable of handling nitrous or forced induction so it has the potential for more power with a simple nitrous kit. Everything (except for the block, crank and engine stand) is BRAND NEW IN BOX. As you can see, if you bought the same parts retail, it would cost $4,600.16, which WOULD NOT include the cost of the block, crank, or machining. I'm selling the entire project for $3,750.00.

Located in Northwest Arkansas. Cannot pay for or coordinate shipping, sorry.


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