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This evening I did a little dyno testing on a customer's 460 Ford that I put together for his jet boat. This was a real budget build that used a set of stock D3VE heads, Probe dished pistons, torker 2 intake 750 Holley, stock Melling oil pump and a hydraulic camshaft a really typical low budget build.

I had it on the dyno checking out the carburetor and getting the timing set right. It seemed to like the 72 jets and 34 degrees of timing the best on 93 octane gas. I was running it through some headers that I borrowed from a friend, they were less than ideal with a gutted Supertrap muffler for a collector.

The engine sounded great and made 370 horsepower at 4750rpm and about 430lbs/ft at 4000. The engine liked a 4 hole 1 inch spacer better than anything else I tried including an open 1 inch and an HVH 1 inch merge.

The camshaft is very mild, a Reed Torque Master TM276-TM280 109 sep in on 107. The lobes are 223 and 227 respectively, with .540 lift. valvetrain is stock except for the valve spring.

The heads are stock D3VE's with no porting, stock valves and a hardened exhaust seat. I shot a couple of videos with the engine idling and stuff so that people could hear what a 460 sounds like with a cam in the 225 degree at .050 range. The engine idles at 1000rpm with ease.

Please forgive my whistling carburetor gasket, I put it back on the engine so I could take a couple of videos and it was leaking a bit at the baseplate.

http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e218/DaveMcLain/Big Ford/?action=view&current=Lightload.flv
Engine running with a bit of load.
http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e218/DaveMcLain/Big Ford/?action=view&current=Gauges460.flv
Gauge panel
http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e218/DaveMcLain/Big Ford/?action=view&current=Carbwhistle.flv
Walk around.
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