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i have a 1977 21' sleekcraft jr, executive with a berkley je pump and a impeller i know its a heavy hull and not the most efficient pump just looking for 400-450 hp to make a nice cruiser and to be able to pull skiers .
this what i have
1977 460 marine block unmolested
d3v3 a2a heads valves 2.08/165
elderbrock performer intake
holley 750
stock rods
stock piston
front sump oil pan
what i have picked up
holley 850
elderbrock performer rpm
armondos rear sump jet boat pan
melling m84dhv oil pump
block at machine shop getting bored 60 over
heads to be port and polished
looking at lunati 10340702 262deg/268deg .540/.552 lift
what else would be recommended as far as parts or machine work to get to my hp range
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