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this is the parts i have left thanks for all the guys who bought stuff
lets see if we cant move the rest of it i might take trades on drag bike stuff/motorcycle stuff or anything else i can use....

dove A 460 2 bolt main ready to go 40 over didnt do it yet due to no pistons block is setup ready to go was run at 30 over 150 bucks

nos pro race fogger lines bent up for the intake i have 475

DSS main stud girdle 150

svo oil pan with rear sump with pick up tube this pan is like new 100

jw wheel needs to be sent back already discussed it with them the lil spacer on it welds cracked they said no problem 40

front and mid plates 100

c6 bradco trans with brake rev pattern billet servo cover 4 gear plant red clutch with more added in pack and 10 inch converter steel stator built for nos with this engine new never run at all 1000 this is a deal i have 700 in the converter itself the trans and converter hasnt even had fluid put in them ..
ill even throw the shifter in for 1000 bucks for all of it

3 stage msd timing retard 80

msd rpm selector switch 30

msd sport comp 5 inch tach internal shift light 80

autometer 2 5/8silver fuel pres gauge 30

b/m pro stick with cable reverse pattern with cable and push button knob 100

ford motorsports valve covers have a few holes in them and a screw on cap was used with vacum pump can always cap them 100

2 1/4 slip on collectors 4 inch 40

3 spoke sweet mfg steering wheel 20

bg fuel pressure reg 4 port plus 80

bg fuel pressure reg 2 port plus 60

c9ve block had a piston come apart block is still usable very rusty from sitin out side 50 bucks

1 - 20 of 21 Posts