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PN M-6049-B429 CJ heads. Custom sized tulip-shaped stainless steel 2.30-inch intake valves and 1.78-inch exhaust valves reside in three-angle valve seats. Heads also have K-Motion valve springs K-1000 1.625 diameter double H-11 spring with dampner that is good for camshafts with up to .750 valve lift. 240# @ 1.900 - 739# @ 1.200 - coil bind @ 1.090 and Titanium retainers. Heads were set up for M-6250-A514 camshaft. Heads have no studs of guide plates. Heads are completely new and have never been bolted to an engine. Heads were professionally assembled and bowl ported by Rick Swain from Roush Racing. Heads also come with a complete set of slightly used M-6564-A460 Roller Rocker arms. Rockers were used on Dyno to break in another engine then customer changed his mind and wanted Jessel rockers.
I want $1800.00 for the heads with the rockers.

Weiand 1993 429 Wedge, 460 V8 Tunnel ram manifold for
Cobra Jet & Super Cobra Jet heads
This also comes with 2 Holley 750 double pumpers modified with Pro-Form center sections. Carbs were test run on a dyno engine. The Intake has never been bolted to an engine. This unit comes with 2 Nos Power-Shot nitrous plates also.
I want $675.00 for the intake and carbs
I will sell the intake seperately. $375.00

M-6250-A514* 514 Mechanical Includes roller tappets used in M-6007-A514/B514/C514/D514 crate engines
304° 308° .647" .647" 254° 258°
Mechanical – 20° BTC 54° ABC 66° BBC 12° ATC 304° 308° .374I .647I 107° 117°
Roller 254° 258° .374E .647E
This cam kit is new in box.
I want $450.00 for the cam kit

Eagle "SIR" Lightweight Connecting Rods Feature:
• NEW Forged 5140 Steel Rods
• 7/16" ARP Capscrew rod bolts
• Shot peened to stress relieve surfaces
• Big block rated to 700 HP
Specifications: Crank Pin Piston Pin B.E. Width
2.500 1.040 Pressed .995

C-C Length Notes Gram Weight
6.605 Stock 810

These are brand new in the bags, In the box.
I want $250.00 for the con-rods.

I will consider all reasonable offers.
I will trade it all for a good clean 2000-up Ford CV police interceptor.
email at [email protected] for pics. if interested.
thank you.
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