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I recently purchased a 460CI C6 1979 bronco. Another words, someone elses (aborted) project from pick n pull from Sacramento CA. The bronco seemed to run fine so I bought it. After purchasing a new heater core, proper mounts to set the engine lower, radiator, changing the fuel pump, resealing the C6 where the linkage is and buying three carbs I gave up on my dream of ever registering it here in Sacramento. Believe it or not, at one point someone went and had it on the road here as there was a BAR sticker on the door post.

So I decided to tear it down and replace the tranny with a TCI c6 Maximizer and rebuild the engine as the engine, trans and underside had a thick coating of oil all over it. I took the front end off along with the intake mainfold and discovered the vacuum port to the modulater valve was kinked, probably when they were crow bar installing the motor. the passenger head outer bolts were rusted in the hole. Drivers side head was a wrecking yard head and came off fairly easy. But here is where it gets interesting, once I cleaned the carbon off of the piston from the vehicle constantly flooding, I noticed that the pistons looked new and I could still see the cross hatch on the cylinder walls. there was no sludge under the intake pan and no wear on the bottom of the lifters. The timing chain was also in great condition. Turns out that the pistons were forged Speed-pro aluminum forged pistons. At this point I am not taking anything for granted. What I need help with is identifying the camshaft. Here is the photo. I see two sets of numbers 689520 and A2-3## Can't see the rest as it overlaps the first set. Should I abandon this cam and just start fresh? Could someone recommend the proper set of rockers for these heads?

It also looks like the oil was coming from the front seal where the crank counterweight was. Should I replace the crank and go with a internally balanced setup with a new timing cover and flex plate?

I plan on keeping and registering this truck in Texas. Just looking for decent power for towing. I am putting the Holley Sniper EFI system on it

Thanks in advance. I have rebuilt quite a few engines in my time but this is the first BBF. Regardless of the path I take, I plan on taking the short block over to the machine shop to have it hot tanked, balanced and reassembled.


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